LAKE VIEW VILLA


       It is located in a wonderful lake view and on a slope land in the North of Dalaman, in Akkaya Hidden Valley surrounded by mountains covered by pinewood which protects green for 12 months and trees that do not lose leaves. Building of the road and the installation of water and electricity are made according to the construction plan of the real property. There is no communal area of the villa and garden with the neighbor villas. The width of the lands varies between 1,252 m2 and 2,000 m2.


The ground floor of Lake View Villa        : 156,80 m2

The ground floor terrace                           : 108 m2

The first floor                                              : 118,26 m2

The first floor balcony                               : 38,54 m2




Distance to the Dalaman city centre    : 18 min.

Distance to the airport                           : 20 min.

Distance to Dalyan                                  : 30 min.

Distance to Göcek                                   :  25 min.

        To Sarıgerme beach                        :  25 min.

        To Sarsala beach                              : 25 min.

        To Marmaris                                      : 60 min.


Certificate of ownership of the land and of the house and official documents:

The real property whose parceling has been conducted is an independent and complete land. Its road and green area are emptied; the amount of the land is the net amount. The planning in the land is %15 ground floor+%15 the first floor and it is E= %30 in total. There is no share, pledge, mortgage in the land. Swimming pool, camellia, barbecue, car port, parking garage etc. can be constructed.


The facing of the villa bearer specifications (static) :

·         The base of the villa is base slab.

·         It is reinforced concrete structure with plinth level varying between 1 meter and 2,5 meters ( plinth level may change according to the location of the land.)

·         Its party walls are briquette bricks

·         Its floor covering is hollow tile

·         Its roof is beton plus silicon ceramic coated which is obtained through special chemical liquids insulated against water, damp and heat.

·         The surrounding of the villa with windows and external doors will have been decorated with papier-mache, plaster cast, jamb and white cement.

·         All balustrades are white greek balustrades matching with the general concept of the villa.

·         Also, columns and corners are decorated with basement and cordon.



The technical specifications of the construction:

·         The type of the construction is reinforced concrete.

·         All internal and external walls are briquette bricks.

·         All floor coverings are hollow-tile.

·         All external and internal walls are mortared. (Sand, cement, lime, sica.)

·         Sidings are PVC white colored, double glazed. (The products used are the products of PİMAŞ.)

·         All window winders are vertical and horizontal.

·         Sliding doors are two parts.

·         White aluminum fly net in all exterior facades.

·         The entrance door is the 1st quality steel door (ASTAŞ or FALEZ)

·         Floor coverings are 30x30 , 30x60 , 60x60 EGE ceramic ( SKY ivory techno color, 1st quality white porcelain ceramic)

·         Bathroom flooring and walls are 20x25, 30x45, 30x60 EGE ceramic ( pearly ivory, 30x45 pearly ivory energy medallion)

·         Interior and house paint plastic paint is ( exterior wall is silicone) (Polisan, Favori, Filli Boya (paint) (1087) and off-white silicone filli house paint favori ışıl (paint) (8089)

·         Power installation, location of telephone and air conditioner (piping)

·         All rooms are spotlight lighting

·         All interior ladders are white marble ( Muğla white color)

·         All balustrades are white greek balustrades

·         The kitchen is MDF ( the color can be optional), high class, bright

·         Andiron is granite ( Nero- Zimbabwe)

·         Roof coating is 33x33, 30x60 travertine type ceramic ( EGE ceramic)

·         Pavement travertine coating around the house at the width of 90 cm

·         All water closets are with build-in white reservoir push-buttoned ,mat chrome double-push hickory wall-hung toilet-bowl, slow-close toilet seat cover ( EGE ceramic)

·         2-panel solar energy for hot water

·         Rainwater gutter and down pipes are galvanized sheet (tin)

·         All windowsills are white marble (3 cm  first quality Muğla marble)

·         Sliding door sills are white marble (white Muğla marble)

·         All walls and ceilings are satin plaster, vertical corners are metal corner profile, ceiling corners are papier-mache ( First quality Nostalgia Decoration)

·         Interior doors are panel doors ( press, groined and crowned)

·         Silicon joints in all power and water installations

·         Bidet is EGE ceramic (white)

·         Wash basin, granite top-table dual wash basin and tap mixer

·         Soap pad, towel rack, toilet-paper holder, tooth-brush holder and temper glass between shower and bedroom.

·         All tap mixers are 1st quality ( DELTA, ELEGANCE  sliding shower system, onno accessory set, shower tray and mixer) ECA

·         Kitchen cupboards are MDF prefabricated cupboard door, high Class Ada kitchen model

·         Granite table (black, grey and in various colors)

·         Stainless steel sink, ( 1st quality, 1,5 drawer linen textured dropper dominoks trade mark)

·         Kitchen mixer ( delta ECA sink mixer 1st quality)

·         Range hood type kitchen hood (ARÇELİK) hung range hood

·         Power installations and outlets of the locations of oven, dishwasher, fridge, washing machine.



·         All garden will be surrounded with 1,5 meter natural stone

·         Main entrance door to the garden (wrought iron decorative)

·         Road stone pavement from the main entrance to the house (slate)

·         Courtesy lamp in each 10 meters on the garden wall

·         4 pcs oil palm in the garden (2 meters long)

·         2pcs bougainvillea

·         1 pcs lemon, 1 pcs orange, 1 pcs olive, 20 pcs rosebay, various ornamental plants (compliant to the climate of the region)

·         Grass and automatic irrigation system of all land

·         Full-fledged swimming poor 5x8 dimensional ( 4 courtesy lamp, 2 skimmer, chrome ladder, cleaning robot, cleaning net, filter and pump) ceramic of pool 10x20 blue, strip of pool 10x20 dark-blue ( if glass mosaic is demanded instead of ceramic and if the figure is demanded for the decoration at the bottom, they are charged extra) (mermaid, dolphin etc.)

·         Sunbathing area around the pool (20m2) 30x60 classic ivory


·         All houses in Akaya Valley are protected by certificated security guards for 24 hours in a day in 12 months in a month (CPM guard)

·         In addition, all building estate and region have a security personnel in charge (24 hours- CPM guard)

·         Authorized personnel of CPM ( Curbanoğlu Property Management ) controls the inside and the outside of the house in every 15 days and informs the owner of the house via photograph and e-mail ( airing the house, the control of windows and doors, power and water installation in the house and the control of the roof, etc.)

Social activities:

·         Grocer and greengrocer ( open for 12 months)

·         Alacarte restaurant ( open for 12 months)

·         Night club ( open for 12 months)

·         Horse tour  and manage area ( open for 12 months )

·         Activities in  lake ( canoe tour, fishing, swimming, mud bath, walking-track, lake restaurant, barbecue, beach party ( on Saturday and Sunday )

·         Fitness centre, indoor and outdoor swimming pool

·         Walking-track

·         Tennis court

·         9 hole golf ( Location of it built in 5 years is zoned)



·         Heating system of the house ( heat-pump, gas, electric, eco)

·         Garage and automatic garage door

·         Fire and burglar alarm

·         White appliances

·         Heated pool

·         Automatic garden light

·         Electronic house control system

·         Demands larger than the standards ( pool, garage, vs.)

·         Water tank

·         Generator