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The Lake On arrival at Akkaya Valley you will be instantly overwhelmed by the stunning natural surroundings and scenic views of its lake and the backdrop of mountains.

Guests cn take a short boat ride to the private beach club to sunbathe or swim in the lake.

There you will also find spa  treatments, a volleyball court, as well as a beach bar and restaurant.

For something a little more active guests can enjoy a canoe trip or use our fishing equipment to fish at the lake – your catch can then be prepared for dinner at the beach restaurant. A sailing trip on the lake at night in the light of the stars will be especially memorable…

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Horse farm

The Equestrian Farm in the Akkaya Valley is set on a plot of land of 16.000 square meters in size and is a home to not just to horses but also to many other animal and ducks on its small lake.

For those who own a horse at the farm or who would like to bring their horse to Turkey, we provide both stables and grooming services, providing a comfortable place for them to stay.

Training both theoretical and practical and tours of the farm are also available for those with little or no horse-riding experience. We recommend a horse ride for those who would like to relax or for those whose children are animal-lovers.

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Organic Garden

The Akkaya Organic Farm is 30.000 square meters of farmland in the Akkaya Valley producing organic foods grown without the use of any chemical additives, pesticides, hormones or synthetic fertilizers. The fruit and vegetables grown there are irrigated with natural spring water and fertilised with the natural fertilisers of the sakiz lambs bred on the farm.

The result is unique tasting food and naturally fresh fruit and vegetables which are used in the Akkaya Garden Restaurant and for sale in our Organic Market for homeowners to prepare their own organic meals at home.

We also recommend our organic olive oil and organic tomato jam. Homeowners are also free to pick oranges and pomegranates straight from the trees.

As from 2012 Akkaya  Valley homeowners will be offered a free small plot of land on the farm to plant up as they wish, whether it be with vegetables or decorative flowers.

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Akkaya Garden Restaurant is an exclusive retreat situated in Aakkaya Valley. Deep in the valley the restaurant is situated among the pine trees in a tranquil, peaceful natural location. Probably you have never seen such a unique restaurant before. The main theme of the restaurant is water with a stream running through and fountains, waterfalls and ponds staggered around the grounds.

There are plenty of tables to dine at or try something different and dine in one of our tree toğ nests. These huge birds nests have been built in the treesi each has a table and seating for 4-6 persons. There are 2 traditional stone built ovens in the ground where the chef’s bke their own bread, casseroles, Turkish pide and pizzas.

Choose from traditional Turkish mezes and grills to international dishes, fine wines and beers. Or just come and enjoy a drink at our bar situated next to the wildlife pond. With the sounds of the water cascading down the rocks and stream tothe side we can ensure your visit will be totally relaxed and enjoyable. A shuttle service is provided for clients wishing to visit the restaurant.Spend an evening in Akkaya Garden Restaurant and enjoy this unique experience.

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