How to Become a Homeowner in London

Kemal Ilhan, a member of the Curbanoglu Group of Companies, answered questions that Turkish investors wishing to become housing owners in London were curious about.
Curbanoğlu Group of Companies, which established sales office in London in 2007, operates under the management of Kemal Ilhan and Emre Bilgin. Kemal Ilhan, a partner of the company, answered the questions of about real estate purchases, rentals, benefits, services provided by the company and those who are curious about the subject.
E.J. : What are the services you offer to your customers as a Group of Companies?
We provide reliable and personalized service to our customers. The services we provide include market research for real estate, the discovery of real estate, the availability of appropriate attorneys and legal follow-up, mortgage advice - finding the right loan, organizing offshore company / foundation, bank accounts, real estate sales or leasing.
E.J. : What should Turkish investors first want to have housing in England? What is the procedure that buyers will follow?
First of all, we recommend that you get detailed information on this issue. The procedure is very similar to the purchase of real estate in Turkey. Briefly, for buying real estate, firstly there is suitable real estate on the market. All property sales in the UK are made by authorized real estate agents. There is little to sell. Also buyers and sellers can not be introduced legally. Money transfers with all paperwork are made through lawyers. After finding the appropriate property, an agent offering this property is offered an 'offer' to be delivered to the property owner. If this proposal is accepted, legal proceedings will start and all follow-up lawyers will do. After this point, the process will take the attorney of the buyer and the seller.
E.J. What are the demographic characteristics of Turkish citizens who want to buy houses in the UK? What type of property do they usually turn to?
70 percent of our clients are senior executives of leading Turkish esteemed families and companies based in Istanbul. However, we have real estate clients in London almost everywhere in our country. The income group and the A + customer group are formed, which means that not only the rich get a house in London but the ones who can buy real estate in a good area of ​​Istanbul can be hosted in London. It is usually directed to 2 types of properties. The residences for the first session consist of 2 + 1-room apartments and houses in the Knightsbridge, Mayfair and Chelsea districts of London. Luxury residence houses are bought for investment purposes because of the high rental rates and the smaller 1 + 1 style units. Around 60 percent of buyers receive housing for investment while 40 percent are homeowners for residence.
E.J. : What are the benefits of housing in the UK?
Benefits of buying from the UK can be listed as a forward investment in a seated market, the ability to host one of the most prestigious and popular areas of the world, high rentals, real estate that is easy to sell after purchase, and investments that enhance customer credibility.
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